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Friday, November 17, 2006

Green to be back on the field for the Chiefs

It is very welcome news that Trent Green is slated to quarterback the Kansas City Chiefs against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. Not that his sub, Damon Huard, hasn't done an able job of stepping in for him. I'm just happy that Trent is up and about after the blow he took back in September that left him unconscious on the field.

Green had suffered a debilitating injury before, back in 1999, when he was getting ready to lead the St. Louis Rams. His replacement that time, Kurt Warner, showed his stuff and kept the position, all the way to the Super Bowl. Still, I doubt the main reason he wants back on the field is to hang onto his job; guys at this level of competition want to shine. Which is hard to do from the sidelines.

Just the same, coming back from a head injury is not the same as coming back from a knee injury. I think the Chiefs fans are more nervous than Trent is!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Show Me a Winner!

The Kansas City Chiefs took it to the St. Louis Rams at the so-called Show-Me Bowl at Edward Jones Dome yesterday. The Rams’ Marc Bulger had over 350 yards, mostly passing, in fact, mostly passing to Steven Jackson, who had a career-high 133 yards receiving. But they spent most of the game trying to overcome turnovers and the damage they did early on. In the end, the Rams had a lot of impressive numbers, but our Chiefs had the ones that count: Kansas City 31, St. Louis 17.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where has all the time gone?

hey fellow bloggers, can you believe it's already November? i haven't had much time to keep up with myself let alone the Chiefs. Hope all is well with everyone.

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