Kansas City Chiefs

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chiefs Still in the Running for Playoffs

The Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers on Saturday with a score of 20-7. We will remain in the running for a playoff spot. Our star running back Larry Johnson had his eighth game with over 100 yards rushing against the Chargers and scored two touchdowns in the process. Racking up those kinds of numbers against the number one rated run defense in the league is really impressive and makes Johnson my pick for MVP of the game. Dick Vermeil has said he feels the Chiefs played like a club that deserves to make the playoffs. I don’t want to jinx the Chiefs but I strongly agree with him and see us advancing pretty far in the post season.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Giants Rule at Giants Stadium

The Chiefs suffered a loss at Giants Stadium on Sunday and are going to be feeling the pain for a long time if they can’t win the next two games. There are way too many teams with pretty good records this season and not as many playoff spots. Trent Green had some flashes of brilliance early in the game and tied the score once at 10-10. Our offense just couldn’t out score the Giants and our defense wasn’t effective after their perfect first quarter. We even got on the scoreboard before the Giants but Eli Manning is not a man you can keep down for long and he showed us that in the second quarter.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Chiefs Headed for New York

The possibility of playing in the post season got a little less likely after the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Although our rivals were also beaten this weekend, everything is still really up in the air and could go either way. I am not sure however, that we could get anything going if we faced a team like the Indianapolis Colts in the Playoffs. We still have to face the same New York Giants that completely shut down the Cowboys. San Diego and Cincinnati don’t pose the same challenge but are formidable opponents we will need to prepare for if we want the division.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Chiefs Beat Broncos, Yeah!

When we beat the Texans no one thought twice about it because they are the worst team in the league. When won our game against the Patriots everyone said it was because they were not the team they used to be. Now the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Denver Broncos and I want to hear some cheering. A three game winning streak capped of by a win over the best defense in the league is something nobody can excuse away. This is our win through and through. We matched the Broncos score for score and fought through their defensive wall over and over. We are the first team to get any kind of running game going against the Broncos. People will be talking about Arrowhead Stadiums battle of the titans for years to come.

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