Kansas City Chiefs

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Chiefs Show Patriots Who’s Boss

Our Kansas City Chiefs won their game against the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots team. The Chiefs came out with bold strategy and a fire that couldn’t be extinguished. Our defense gave us four interceptions and the offense offered up over four hundred yards. Trent Green looked great out there and made some fine plays from inside the pocket. Green passed for one touchdown and a total of 323 yards. Kansas City used many weapons against Tom Brady, the most effective of which was our relentless pass rush. Brady was completing just over fifty percent of his passes and threw four interceptions making this his second-worst career loss.

The Chiefs put their best foot forward and beat a Super Bowl contender. Next weeks game against the Denver Broncos won’t be a picnic but the Chiefs are ready after their inspiring show of skill and determination against the Patriots.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chiefs’ Future Looks Scary

The Kansas City Chiefs met the Houston Texans on Sunday for the win 45-17. Losing to the Bills last week had us in real trouble. Winning this game against the poor Texans really bolsters our chances. Unfortunately it doesn’t do anything to lighten our schedule for the next couple of weeks. We are facing the Patriots, the Denver Broncos, the Cowboys, and the New York Giants in that order. The Chiefs are really going to have to pull it together to beat any one of those teams. They are nothing like the hapless Texans who have lost all but one game this season. They have the best records in the NFL, not to mention their top ranked defenses and killer stats at the quarterback position. We have to work on our defense if we are going to stand a chance against any of these top teams.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Buffalo Curse Stays Active

Last Sunday’s win over the Oakland Raiders was stellar. Coach Dick Vermeil had his Chiefs fired up from the start of the game. We pulled it off in the final seconds of the game and it was the most exciting moment of the season thus far our loss to the Buffalo Bills however was not at all satisfying. For some reason we have a bad record playing at Ralph Wilson Stadium and the Bills always seem to keep us practically scoreless as they did in this 14-3 loss. Larry Johnson even got 132 yards rushing without ever getting into the endzone. We came out fighting and couldn’t convert for the rest of the game. Will we ever break our dismal record against the Buffalo Bills?

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