Kansas City Chiefs

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Chiefs Still in the Running for Playoffs

The Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers on Saturday with a score of 20-7. We will remain in the running for a playoff spot. Our star running back Larry Johnson had his eighth game with over 100 yards rushing against the Chargers and scored two touchdowns in the process. Racking up those kinds of numbers against the number one rated run defense in the league is really impressive and makes Johnson my pick for MVP of the game. Dick Vermeil has said he feels the Chiefs played like a club that deserves to make the playoffs. I don’t want to jinx the Chiefs but I strongly agree with him and see us advancing pretty far in the post season.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Giants Rule at Giants Stadium

The Chiefs suffered a loss at Giants Stadium on Sunday and are going to be feeling the pain for a long time if they can’t win the next two games. There are way too many teams with pretty good records this season and not as many playoff spots. Trent Green had some flashes of brilliance early in the game and tied the score once at 10-10. Our offense just couldn’t out score the Giants and our defense wasn’t effective after their perfect first quarter. We even got on the scoreboard before the Giants but Eli Manning is not a man you can keep down for long and he showed us that in the second quarter.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Chiefs Headed for New York

The possibility of playing in the post season got a little less likely after the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Although our rivals were also beaten this weekend, everything is still really up in the air and could go either way. I am not sure however, that we could get anything going if we faced a team like the Indianapolis Colts in the Playoffs. We still have to face the same New York Giants that completely shut down the Cowboys. San Diego and Cincinnati don’t pose the same challenge but are formidable opponents we will need to prepare for if we want the division.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Chiefs Beat Broncos, Yeah!

When we beat the Texans no one thought twice about it because they are the worst team in the league. When won our game against the Patriots everyone said it was because they were not the team they used to be. Now the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Denver Broncos and I want to hear some cheering. A three game winning streak capped of by a win over the best defense in the league is something nobody can excuse away. This is our win through and through. We matched the Broncos score for score and fought through their defensive wall over and over. We are the first team to get any kind of running game going against the Broncos. People will be talking about Arrowhead Stadiums battle of the titans for years to come.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Chiefs Show Patriots Who’s Boss

Our Kansas City Chiefs won their game against the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots team. The Chiefs came out with bold strategy and a fire that couldn’t be extinguished. Our defense gave us four interceptions and the offense offered up over four hundred yards. Trent Green looked great out there and made some fine plays from inside the pocket. Green passed for one touchdown and a total of 323 yards. Kansas City used many weapons against Tom Brady, the most effective of which was our relentless pass rush. Brady was completing just over fifty percent of his passes and threw four interceptions making this his second-worst career loss.

The Chiefs put their best foot forward and beat a Super Bowl contender. Next weeks game against the Denver Broncos won’t be a picnic but the Chiefs are ready after their inspiring show of skill and determination against the Patriots.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chiefs’ Future Looks Scary

The Kansas City Chiefs met the Houston Texans on Sunday for the win 45-17. Losing to the Bills last week had us in real trouble. Winning this game against the poor Texans really bolsters our chances. Unfortunately it doesn’t do anything to lighten our schedule for the next couple of weeks. We are facing the Patriots, the Denver Broncos, the Cowboys, and the New York Giants in that order. The Chiefs are really going to have to pull it together to beat any one of those teams. They are nothing like the hapless Texans who have lost all but one game this season. They have the best records in the NFL, not to mention their top ranked defenses and killer stats at the quarterback position. We have to work on our defense if we are going to stand a chance against any of these top teams.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Buffalo Curse Stays Active

Last Sunday’s win over the Oakland Raiders was stellar. Coach Dick Vermeil had his Chiefs fired up from the start of the game. We pulled it off in the final seconds of the game and it was the most exciting moment of the season thus far our loss to the Buffalo Bills however was not at all satisfying. For some reason we have a bad record playing at Ralph Wilson Stadium and the Bills always seem to keep us practically scoreless as they did in this 14-3 loss. Larry Johnson even got 132 yards rushing without ever getting into the endzone. We came out fighting and couldn’t convert for the rest of the game. Will we ever break our dismal record against the Buffalo Bills?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kansas City Chiefs Lose to Denver

Denver Broncos scored a 17-to-nothing lead in the first quarter that made it hard for the Chiefs to come back. The final score was 30-10. Rod Smith of the Denver Broncos reached a milestone in NFL history--the first un-drafted player to reach over 10,000 yards receiving.

Kansas City’s next game will be against the Philadelphia Eagles at home; this will be a good game for the Chiefs. Both teams having the same record at 2-1 for the season, the Kansas City Chiefs would like to redeem themselves after their last game. The game will be in the early evening. So don’t miss it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kansas City Chiefs Beat Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders in California 23-17. The Kansas City Chiefs are looking good this year. Starting 2-0 for the season is a good way to get a jumpstart to get into the playoffs. The next game we will see them in is on Monday night against the Denver Broncos in Denver. This should be an easy win for the Chiefs, since the Broncos have got out on a slow start. I want to say that the Chiefs will come out ahead by 13 points. So don’t forget to watch Monday Night Football coming up on September 26.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Chiefs Ready for Some Football

Kansas City Chiefs fans should be excited for this season, beating the New York Jets 27-7 in their season opener. With their defense stepping up to the Plate, keeping the New York Jets only to 7 points in the 4th quarter. Now here is a name we will be mentioning all through the season: Derrick Johnson--having 8 tackles, 1 sack and 1 forced fumble. This guy is going to light up the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense. This will be a very exciting team to watch this year, and if I lived in the Chiefs’ territory I’d be at the game because this season is looking good. Their next game will be in Oakland to face Randy Moss and the Oakland Raiders. Who do you think will be the most impressive rookie this year?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

New Blood

It was a good pick up this off-season when the Chiefs picked up Kendrell Bell from the Pittsburgh Steelers. The middle linebacker was sitting out most of the mini-camps with a pulled groin and is back in action. Bell was released by the Steelers due to him be prone to injury. The Chiefs hope that phase is over and are hoping he leads their defense in this upcoming season.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

NFL Europe: Rich Scanlon

LB Rich Scanlon, who has been participating in the NFLEL (National Football League Europe), has been awarded the NFLEL Defensive Player of the Week. This is the second time that Scanlon has received this honor for his wicked performance on the defensive side.

Scanlon, part of the Berlin Thunder, has been leading the team in sacks all season. He has assisted the team in keeping the best record in the league (6-2). As of now, he has stacked up 75 tackles (58 solo), 3.0 sacks (-18.0 yards), four passes defensed and a forced fumble.

Go Scanlon!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Team Report:

- from FOXSports.com

The Chiefs have plenty of work to do at linebacker in their offseason practices. They must not only begin the process of identifying their three best players but also find their best positions. The tentative starters are Kendrell Bell and Derrick Johnson on the outside and Kawika Mitchell in the middle, but Bell could eventually wind up moving inside if the Chiefs determine that's his best position. The Chiefs will be careful not to rush Johnson, their first-round draft pick, but he will also be difficult to dislodge. Keyaron Fox and James Grigsby will receive long looks and could push for playing time. Shawn Barber and Scott Fujita would also be in the playing mix, but they will miss the offseason work because they are mending after surgeries. . . .

Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham will call his signals from the sideline on game day rather than from the press box. The change is designed to boost the sagging morale of a unit beaten down after several lousy seasons more than to expedite adjustments. But the sometimes volatile Cunningham needs to keep his emotions in check, or the Chiefs risk having too much of a good thing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dustin Colquitt

Kansas City’s second choice during the draft was at the position of punter with the choice of Dustin Colquitt. This pick was placed late in the third round at 35(99th overall). Colquitt averaged 40.8 yards per punt and he placed 17 of his 26 punts inside the opponent's 20-yardline in 2004. Colquit originates from Knoxville, Tennessee and decided to go to Tennessee for college, where he started for the 2001-2004 seasons.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Extreme Makeover: Football Edition

Kansas City Chiefs QB Trent Green and FB Tony Richardson got into helping out their community by participating in an “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Host Ty Pennington brought in the two football players, who participated at the site during construction for two days. The home was built for Kansas City firefighter Stephen Johnson and his five children.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Team Report:

- from FOXSports.com

Battle lines are being drawn for the wide receiving spots. The top three spots belong to starters Johnnie Morton and Eddie Kennison and slot receiver Dante Hall, assuming the Chiefs don't release Morton in June for salary cap purposes. One of the remaining game-day slots will go to either Samie Parker or rookie Craphonzo Thorpe. They are similar players. Both are fast and capable of stretching the field and giving the Chiefs a downfield threat. The other will go to either Marc Boerigter or Darrell Hill. Boerigter is the better receiver, but he is coming off a knee injury that cost him all of last season. Hill is the better special teams player. He was signed as a free agent from Tennessee not because of his receiving skills, but his ability to help in the kicking game. . . .

The trade for veteran cornerback Patrick Surtain pushes Dexter McCleon to nickel back, his best position. McCleon can better use his instincts and intelligence there and will get more help from linebackers and safeties in coverage. The shortest of the Chiefs veteran cornerbacks at 5-10, McCleon also won't get as many matchups with bigger, taller receivers.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Derrick Johnson

In the first round of picks, the Kansas City Chiefs chose linebacker Derrick Johnson from the University of Texas. Overall 15th pick, Johnson is entering into the Chiefs to assist in a rebuilding effort of their defense. The Chiefs have brought in quite a few veteran players as well; among the names cornerback Patrick Surtain, safety Sammy Knight, linebacker Kendrell Bell or defensive end Carlos Hall.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Drafting and Vermeil

- from the official site of the Kansas City Chiefs
Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil’s wish list for this weekend’s draft includes a cornerback, safety, linebacker, tight end, running back, wide receiver and offensive lineman. That’s a big list and obviously he’s not going to find a dazzling gift in every draft choice he unwraps on the Arrowhead Stadium practice field.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Preseason Schedule

  • 8/12 at Minnesota Vikings
  • 8/20 Arizona Cardinals
  • 8/27 Seattle Seahawks
  • 9/02 at St. Louis Rams

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


- from FOXSports.com

The club might be wise to select as many defensive prospects as possible to fortify a roster short on good young defensive players. It is certain to emerge from the draft with at least one linebacker and probably more. The Chiefs would love to get Texas' Derrick Johnson, but that's unlikely. Virginia's Darryl Blackstock would make a lot of sense in the second round, if not the first. Blackstock's pass-rushing skills would help immensely. The team also might look for a defensive end such as LSU's Marcus Spears or Wisconsin's Erasmus James. It also could look for a cornerback in the opening round if Surtain isn't acquired. Auburn's Carlos Rogers has the size and skills to play the bump-and-run coverage favored by coordinator Gunther Cunningham. If the Chiefs don't go for Rogers or another corner in the first round, Virginia Tech's Eric Green is a possibility later. Green probably wouldn't be able to start immediately, but he could play nickel back. The Chiefs likely will take at least one wide receiver, perhaps as early as the second or third round. UAB's Roddy White is an intriguing prospect because of his speed. The club also could be tempted by several other receivers in the second or third rounds, including Georgia's Reggie Brown and Oklahoma's Mark Bradley. Defensive depth will continue to be a priority on the second day. The team also will look for athletes who can play on special teams. The Chiefs need a punter and might choose Tennessee's Dustin Colquitt on the second day.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Brian Allen

The Washington Redskins have just recently acquired Brian Allen, formerly part of the Carolina Panthers. Allen, joining as a free agent linebacker, will add some power to their special teams.

Allen was originally inducted into the NFL being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. After one season with the Rams, he moved briefly to the Texans and then spent the last three seasons with the Carolina Panthers. He began his career at Florida State.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Trent Green

Trent Green recently took part in a panel that discussed “Celebrating Civic Engagement” in the Pierson Auditorium. This event was held by “Students in the City,” an organization developed in the past few years by the UMKC.

“Giving back has always been important to me. It’s a deep-rooted desire I have that allows me to try and make a difference in our community. I think that everyone here today is obviously the future of Kansas City. If we all are able to give even a little bit back, be it time or money, our community will continue to grow and thrive.”
- Trent Green

Thursday, March 24, 2005


- from FOXSports.com

The Chiefs have been one of the league's most prolific offensive teams the last three years, so don't look for many changes in their strategy. They will continue to attack opposing defenses, attempt to put them on their heels and then take advantage. The Chiefs would prefer to get more production from their wide receivers, but unless they are able to draft one who can produce immediately, that may not be achieved. The speedy Samie Parker is capable of giving the Chiefs more big plays downfield, but he may not be ready for a full-time role.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Prez starting a New Term

President Carl Peterson has decided to stay on as the team’s president for another four years. He is starting a new term. His contract was set to expire with the 2005 season but has been extended to 2009.

“Carl was instrumental in leading the Chiefs back to the top echelon of the NFL after joining the organization in December of 1988. This new contract will carry through his 21st season with the organization. Such stability is unusual in the front office of an NFL team and is a big plus for the football fans of Mid-America. We look forward to the Chiefs continuing to be a competitive team within the NFL.”
- Kansas City Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt

Peterson is entering his 17th season with the Chiefs. He began his vocation with the franchise in December of 1988. During his time with the team, the Chiefs have come in first or second in the AFC West 11 times.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hard Truth

- from FOXSports.com

The Chiefs will have to draft a linebacker with their first pick in the draft. They couldn't line up at linebacker if the season began today. The Chiefs have only four serious roster candidates under contract and all have issues. Shawn Barber probably won't be ready for the start of the season because of a knee injury, Maslowski is trying to make a comeback and Mitchell and Keyaron Fox have been slow to develop. One of last year's starters, Scott Fujita, is a restricted free agent, but another team might make a run at him if the Chiefs overextended themselves in free agency.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Free Agency Fun

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking forward to the possibility of innovation. This innovation is in terms of team turnaround. How best to do this? Get a bunch of exceptional additions.

With free agency terms unfolding, the Chiefs are beginning to host interviews with prospective clientele. Most recently at Arrowhead Stadium headquarters, a trio of players including Samari Rolle, Edgerton Hartwell, and Jeremiah Trotter stopped to make a visit. Hartwell and Trotter are on free agency status. Rolle was waived from the Titans due to a salary cap move.

Good luck to the Chiefs on acquiring the right players.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

-from FoxSports.com

Hard Truth: The Chiefs have pressing needs on defense, but they would be making a mistake to ignore their situation at wide receiver. Starters Johnnie Morton and Eddie Kennison are over 30, Marc Boerigter is coming off knee surgery and Dante Hall's production as a receiver decreased. Samie Parker and Chris Horn had nice debut seasons, but the Chiefs should bring in a veteran or draft a rookie capable of competing for playing time.

Inside Dish: The return of quarterbacks coach Terry Shea after one season with the Bears and the move of Jason Verduzco to tight ends coach should benefit the Chiefs in a couple of ways. Trent Green is more comfortable working with Shea and his rough start to the 2004 season could be attributed to his absence. Verduzco, meanwhile, is well versed in the passing game and should help the tight ends in that area. The specialty of former tight ends coach Keith Rowen was in the blocking area.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hungriest Player of the Yr

Priest Holmes, former Texas Longhorn, has been announced as the Snickers Hungriest Player of the year. This award goes to a most valuable player who had a spectacular game during a Monday Night Football game. This award was given to Brett Favre last year but falls into the hands of Holmes because of his phenomenal performance during the Chiefs vs. Ravens game on October 3rd.

During the game, Holmes stacked up 125 rushing yards and two touchdowns against a defense that had not let anyone stack up more than 100. Holmes shut down a streak that had been running for the Ravens.

Along with the honor, the Snickers Hungriest Player is awarded $10,000, which will go to Holmes’ own personal charitable foundation, Team Priest. Holmes’ father will be heading up the banquet after his own tour around Iraq. Herman Morris, Holmes’ father, is a master sergeant in the U.S. army reserve.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalist – Derrick Thomas

Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs has been selected as one of fifteen finalists to be awarded the dignity of being in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Thomas, an eleven year member of Chiefs, passed away in a car crash at the age of 33. He would have had a few more miraculous seasons of play.

Thomas had extreme presence on and off the field. He stacked up 126.5 sacks through his history with the Chiefs. This brought him to being ranked fourth highest total produced by a linebacker and tenth in NFL history. He also still holds the position of most sacks in a single game.

The choice will be announced Saturday, February 5th. Rest in peace Derrick.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Its not going to get easier

From sports.yahoo.com:
The 2005 schedule is known in opponents-only nature right now, but already coach Dick Vermeil is lamenting that his team -- the No. 3 finisher in the AFC West -- got no breaks from the schedule making system next year.

Vermeil, who readily admits that his '99 Rams benefited tremendously from a weak schedule in their Super Bowl campaign, cites a more difficult schedule as one reason for his team's decline to 7-9 this year. Kansas City played seven games against five playoff contenders this year -- the same number it drew in '05 after drawing New England, the Jets, Philadelphia and divisional opponents San Diego and Denver.

The Chiefs will play host to the Patriots, Jets, Eagles, Washington and Cincinnati while playing at Buffalo, Miami, Dallas, the Giants and Houston.

Quarterback Trent Green has been voted by his teammates the Derrick Thomas Award winner for the second straight year as the team's Most Valuable Player and defensive end Jared Allen , whose nine sacks fell just one short of tying Thomas' rookie team record, was voted the Mack Lee Hill Award as the team's outstanding rookie.

Green, in the most statistically productive season of his 11-year career, set team passing records for passing yards (4,591), completions (369) and 300-yard passing games (eight). The Chiefs ran up 6,695 total yards -- the fifth-highest total in NFL history.

For only the second time in 15 years, the Chiefs will not raise ticket or parking prices after their 7-9 season, the team's fourth losing campaign (and fifth non-winning one) in the past seven years. The last time they declined to raise prices was 1998, a 7-9 campaign that led to the resignation of Marty Schottenheimer .

This will give us an oppurtunity to redeem ourselves or just the opposite. If we can put together a more solid team next year, then I truely believe that we can have an outstanding season next year. We will definatley have to work on turnovers, which ahs been determining factors in more than 1 of our games. Lets see if we cant whip a better season together next year. Go Chiefs!

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